30 March 2017

On 23rd June 2016, 51.9% of those who voted in the UK referendum on EU membership voted to leave the EU.


The government has now taken action to respect the outcome of the vote and notice was given on 29th March 2017 to the European Council of the UK’s intention to withdraw. This notice has been given under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union which provides the legal basis for a member state of the EU to leave the EU within two years.


Article 50 requires notification of intention to leave the EU to be given to the European Council which in turn obliges the EU to negotiate and conclude an agreement for its future relationship with the UK. The agreement must be concluded in two years unless there is an unanimous consent to extend the deadline amongst all of the member states. If no agreement is effected by the end of the two years (or the agreed extension period) withdrawal from the EU will take effect regardless.


This is an incredibly important time in UK history and it will be interesting to see what the negotiations bring.