We recognise that disputes can occur, because of misunderstanding, mistakes, or sometimes someone is simply in the wrong.

We believe in being proactive in dealing with these matters and will utilise a variety of options when resolving disputes such as negotiation or mediation. However we acknowledge that litigation is sometimes the only option to secure a fair resolution.

The team at Masefield has experience in a variety of areas such as contract and property disputes.

If we feel that your case raises issues beyond our skills and expertise we are able to refer you to a firm with the necessary resources to progress your case.


Are you owed money or has someone wrongly claimed that you owe them money?

If you wish to make a claim or defend a claim made against you, it is sensible to get legal advice. We can advise you on your claim or defence, so you know where you stand.

We can handle the whole debt process, from sending a pre-action letter to entering and enforcing judgment. We can also assist you if you are being pursued for a debt by an individual or company.

We will:

  • provide practical advice on the procedures, the evidence needed to support your case and your chances of success

  • give you clear information about costs at the outset

We can:

  • arrange for you to be represented at any hearings if the claim exceeds £10,000

  • prepare the claim form or defence and any other necessary documents for you if the claim is worth under £10,000

  • help you progress or defend a claim and if appropriate, prepare a counterclaim on your behalf

  • advise you on the best way of enforcing a judgment in your favour.