Commercial & Agriculture

Masefields have been helping the local business community for many years. Whether you are established in business or are just starting up, we can offer guidance on the many aspects you will have to consider and provide you with the documents you need.

We are able to advise on appropriate structures for your business and have access to a wealth of forms to suit your needs. We can provide documents for commercial partnerships, family farming partnerships and limited liability partnerships. Important issues that may need to be addressed include, among other things:

  • the identity of the partners
  • their commitment to the firm (full or part-time; exclusive or non-exclusive)
  • property belonging to the firm (capital)
  • partner contributions and drawings
  • partner authority and bank mandates
  • leave (holidays, sickness, maternity etc)
  • hiring and firing
  • sharing of profits and losses
  • insurances
  • retirements (and expulsions)

We will tailor documents to suit your requirements. We can also prepare supplementary documents to cover financing and situations such as dealings with partnership property, sale of a business and employment contracts.

We can alert you to tax issues that you may not anticipate such as stamp duty land tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax. We are practised at working with accountants and tax specialists to achieve the best all-round outcome for you.

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